If you wish to place a mezzanine office in a warehouse or building you’ve come to the right company. Mezzanine floor Ireland we provide a full tun key service for a complete office mezzanine floor design and construction in your warehouse or building. We provide the steel floor structure and every component of the office space from wall paneling, floors and ceilings including suspended ceiling systems.  Contact us on 01 – 6854189 to have your no obligation measurement and mezzanine floor design guide with a member of our sales team. We then work up a mezzanine floor office design to suit your space and requirement to provide a bespoke solution for a market leading price.
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Application – Office
Location – Dublin
Size – 8000mm x 5000mm (40 square meters)
Height – 3000mm Finished Floor Level
Grid Size – 4000mm x 5000mm
Loads – 3.36KN/Sq. Meter

Structural Steel Mezzanine Floor located on their warehouse floor. Double skin modular partition offices ground floor and first floor. This floor was built for warehouse logistics managment.

Considerations for office mezzanine floors.
A number of decisions are required when choosing an office mezzanine floor design- 
1. Do you required installation of the office above the mezzanine or an office below the mezzanine floor?
2. A mezzanine floor that is to be used with office space above would normally be designed with a 3.6kn/m2 capability or higher which means that the floor can carry loads of 360 kg every square metre. Coupled with this consideration must be given to deflection of the floor as unlike a storage mezzanine floor which can have quite a bit of deflection the office floor would be required to be ridged to prevent a ‘bouncy’ floor which would lead to plaster board cracking and other defection issues.
3. A mezzanine floor design with the office below should incorporate the enclosure of support columns for the floor above using the design to hide these features or cleverly positioning the columns next to the building structural support features.  If a tailored office mezzanine floor is required for offices, changing rooms, meeting rooms or a number of uses we can disguise the mezzanine construction within the new rooms or alternatively place the new rooms above existing WC and changing rooms or offices in your warehouse or building.
If your company is looking to expand your existing floor space within your current building or warehouse talk to our mezzanine floor office design team based in Dublin and serving companies large and small nationwide in Ireland and Northern Ireland for the best in mezzanine floor office and storage solutions.

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