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Installing a Mezzanine Floor is a cost effective way to increase floor space in your existing warehouse, commercial, retail or office building by extending your current floor space. Mezzanine Floors take full advantage of the height of your building, doubling or tripling usable surface area and enabling your new mezzanine floor to be used for a variety of purposes including office, warehouse floor storage space or display showroom.

Mezzanine floors Ireland can design a mezzanine floor to suit your space requirements and as mezzanine floors are totally modular and re-usable, their structure, dimensions and location can be easily modified. We supply and install mezzanine flooring in Dublin – Cork – Galway – Limerick – Sligo and nationwide across Ireland. We have a wide range of mezzanine flooring for sale including new and used mezzanine floors for sale.

Mezzanine floor Ireland now provide a decreased down time during your mezzanine floor installation with our pre drilled CNC factory prepared structural steel members for the mezzanine design. By reduction in on site preparation of the mezzanine flooring components we can pass savings on to the client while speeding up the installation process of your new mezzanine floor. In 99% of industries we supply our mezzanine floors to time is money and putting the new square meters of floor space to work for a storage mezzanine space, extra office mezzanine or industrial mezzanine floor the sooner its put to use the sooner your investment begins to return. Any business can do with minimal interruption during the installation of the mezzanine floor above your current operations at your warehouse or factory and Mezzanine floor Ireland can provide a faster installation at better prices than any of our mezzanine floor suppliers competitors in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Sligo or any major town or location across Ireland.


The Advantages of Mezzanine flooring

  • Ease of installation, Modular & can be removed and re used.
  • Increase usable surface area in your existing premises.
  • Mezzanine floors can be adapted to the specific needs of the client.
  • At mezzanine flooring Ireland we are suppliers of mezzanine floors for Industrial, office, retail mezzanine flooring, production
  • mezzanine floors, clean room mezzanine floors and residential mezzanine.
  • Mezzanine storage can be complimented with both above mezzanine and below mezzanine storage systems. Types available include rack supported mezzanine floor & pallet racking mezzanine systems.
  • CAD (computer Aided Design) specification drawings of your mezzanine floor with structural steel mezzanine framework pre drilled by CNC machines at our workshop. Lower mezzanine floor costs provided to the customer with faster installation times by a large number of connection points of  universal beams ( main beams ) secondary beams ( C- section joists or purlins ) and supporting columns of box section steel pre drilled off site reducing assembly time at the customers location considerably.

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