Warehouse Mezzanine Floors

Case 1 – Primeline / VNE Logistics

Application – Warehouse / storage mezzanine
Location – Dublin
Size – First Floor – 37000mm x 5650mm (209 square meters)
Second Floor – 37000mm x 5650mm (209 square meters)
Height – 2800mm / 5600mm Finished Floor Levels
Grid Size – 5650mm x 6150mm
Loads – 4.79KN/Sq. Meter

Storage system Description

Storage mezzanine – 2 Tier Structural Steel Mezzanine Floor, located in their storage warehouse. This floor was fully fitted out with Long Span shelving for order picking. A variety of mezzanine storage featured can be fitted to Mezzanine floor Ireland’s storage systems.

Contact our office in Dublin on 01 6854190 for our wide range of range of custom storage mezzanine floors & modular steel storage mezzanine flooring.

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Warehouse Mezzanine Floors

Case 2 – Otto Car Parts

Application – Warehouse mezzanine floor
Location – Tallaght, Dublin
Size – 224 square meters
Height – 3100mm Finished Floor Level
Grid Size – 5000mm x 5000mm
Loads – 4.79KN/Sq. Meter


Structural Steel Mezzanine Floor with order picking on ground floor and pallet storage on mezzanine level. Mezzanine floor Ireland designed and installed this steel storage mezzanine floor. Contact our office in Dublin on 01 6854190 for your no obligation quote for our mezzanine flooring storage systems.

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mezzanine storage system

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